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Philip Glass

When you feel like you’re seeing the world in a whole new light..

"We’re all puppets Laurie. I’m just a puppet who can see the strings."

- the Watchmen

This post does not exist

I’ve recently gotten a hold of this book (thanks to my awesome cousins who sent it to me) :

This book does not exist - by Gary Hayden and Michael Picard

and despite the busy schedule its been a wonderfully mind boggling read. It delves comfortably into the realm of the paradoxical, and as someone not too versed in philosophy I’ve found it quite understandable, down to earth and really fun overall. Infuriatingly fun anyway. 

I loved this book the moment I read the chapter on space and time a year or so ago, and love it all the more now that I’ve found it again.

So, I’ll be posting some of the thought experiments and paradoxical puzzles every now and then, and hope to spread the infuriating fun around too c: Get it if you can, and enter the realm of the paradoxical yourself.


So I started reading Einsten’s Dreams by Alan Lightman, and couldn’t help but post some music to compliment the mood.

This one’s a gem of a tune, originally done by Apo Hiking Society I believe and covered by one of my favorite bands, Sheila and the Insects :) The intro of the song really catches me for some reason, its like a continuous, fluctuating stream of electric guitar…

"Within every majority is a minority that begs to differ."

- Something to think about every time one decides to make a general statement about a large group. E.g. “All men are X”, “Women are all Y”, or “All Xth year students are Y”.